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Where do you buy parts? 

If you're going to restore one of these vintage Honda motorcycles it is inevitable that you're going to need to buy some parts. Lots of parts. Luckily, most parts for these old bikes are still widely available. You may need to be patient sometimes but if you stick to it, you'll find what you need.


Here are some of the places I get my parts. 



If you're bike is missing a side cover, a fender, a gas tank, emblems, or pretty much anything cosmetic, eBay is the place to go.

Do your research, the nuances with some of these parts are important. Watch part numbers and be patient. Don't buy the first one you see! 



If you need replacement Honda parts, genuine or reproduction, 4into1 has a wide range of parts available for pretty much any Honda motorcycle. 


Be sure to watch the descriptions closely. Some parts are Honda Genuine and others are not. This will be reflected in the prices.


Common Motor

Common Motor Collective (CMC) is a well-organized website that is specializing in this vintage Honda Motorcycles. You can find most of what you will need. They have some amazing resources available on their site too. Manuals, tips, and more. 


We also can't forget their wide range of tutorial videos on their YouTube Channel

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David Silver Spares

When all else fails go check David Silver Spares. I've been blown away by what has been able to be tracked down on this site.


When they claim to be the largest source of obsolete Honda motorcycle parts they aren't kidding around. 


Classic Honda Restoration

This place had pretty much everything that I need to complete my CB77 Super Hawk restoration. They have parts for a lot of the 305 models of vintage Hondas. 

Super friendly service, fast shipping, and fair prices. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.28.26

Z1 Enterprises

Z1 Enterprises is 100% focused on vintage Japanese motorcycle parts. From 250s to 450s it looks like they have a lot in stock.

Z1 comes recommended from the Keep On Wrenching Community so you know it must be good!

Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 12.32.40

Scrambler Cycle

This one comes recommended by the K.O.W. Community too. I haven't personally done business with them yet but they have vintage parts from 160s all the way up to the 1200s! 

I'll definitely be checking them out as I plan my next project. 

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